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Breakfast Catering Order Sheet

Please fill out this form for your Breakfast catering order

 Phone number:
 Delivery Date(mm/dd/yy): & time:,,Tuesday thru Friday only
 Delivery Address w/ zip:
          Company name(or school name) ,if applicable: and suite#
 Payment type: Cash   
               Credit Card 
               Check or Other  
 Please give us a call (703-543-7701) before delivery if you pay by credit card,

1.your choice in our Breakfast cater menu? Quantity(How many persons)?: **Minimum 8 servings per catering. Do You need coffee? Yes No If yes, How many coffee($1.89/person)?

2.If your choice is "Breakfast Combo Buffet", provide us with more selection below. Combo Choice:French Toast Pancakes
Meat Choice:Bacon Sausage Half & Half(Bacon & Sausage)

3.If your choice is "Burrito Platter", provide us with meat type and its numbers below. :Bacon :Sausage Link :Veggie and cheddar

4.If your choice is "S$C deluxe Buffet",or Smith&Clarkson Breakfast, please provide us with bagel types and each numbers below. :Plain Bagel :Cinnamon Raisen :Sesame Bagel :Everything Bagel :Whole wheat Bagel :Poppy seed Bagel

4.Do you want to receive invoice (via email)? Yes No