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"Upscale Catering & Gourmet Deli"   Tel(703)543-7701;  Burke Town center, 6030-H Burke Commons Road, Burke, VA 22015
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Avocado Pita:Fresh Avocado, Hummus, Sweet Pepper, provolone cheese, Tomato SLICES, dressing stuffed in a whole wheat pita.
Portabello Mushroom:Marinated Grilled Portabello Mushroom, topped with Red Bell Pepper and Basil-Feta Mayo served on a Smith & Clarkson's Challa Roll.
Veggie Wrap: Hummus, Feta Cheese, Fresh Tender Baby Spinach, Carrots, Cucumber Dressing on a flour Tortilla.
VeggieCado Wrap: Vegiie Wrap Plus Avocado inside on a flour Tortilla.
Sugarless Foods
Non Fat Foods
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TUe~Sat: 7am~8pm

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Avocado pita

Garden Burger

Garden Pita

Living Food Special

Portabello Mushroom

veggie Wrap

chef Salad

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